A Short History

Shoppable Video

Shoppable video has been a part of the consumer experience for longer than most realize. The days of QVC and the Home Shopping Network have paved the way for the interactive, shoppable content that we see today. Since 2014, eCommerce sales worldwide have increased from $1.3 trillion to $4.9 trillion. This eCommerce explosion shows no sign of stopping-the most recent data predicts a 276.9% increase in eCommerce sales globally by 2023. With such a steep increase in eCommerce sales globally comes the need for diversification in the marketplace; enter experience shopping. 

Experience shopping describes a phenomenon in which consumers expect online shopping to offer an experience that prioritises fun. A growing number of brands are achieving this ‘fun experience’ through shoppable and interactive content.

Shoppable and interactive content allows consumers to engage with the products and lean in to the experience while also driving conversions. Today, shoppable content is shaping and changing the eCommerce world forever and becoming a one stop shop for brand awareness, reach, conversion and accessibility.

Brands continue to push the boundaries of shoppable in all industries. With the rise of shoppable video, shoppable content has expanded from fashion and retail to auto, food and everything in between.

Ted Baker, a British luxury clothing retailer, have been a trailblazing force within the world of shoppable video. Check out one of their interactive holiday campaigns here.


Frequently Asked Questions

Does shoppable video only work for retail and fashion?

Shoppable video can be used for any vertical. We have seen great examples in retail and fashion but also in auto, food, and technology.

How can I gauge the success of my interactive campaign?

We gauge the success of a campaign in a few different ways. The industry norm (source: Google Benchmarks) for the percentage of viewers who interacted is 1.53%. We consider 0%-1% of viewers who interacted to be fair, 2%-16% to be good, 17%-46% to be very good and 50% and above to be exceptional. We call the time spent engaging in a product or overlay within a video the 'dwell time.' The industry norm, according to IAB, is 14.8 seconds. We consider 5-15 seconds fair, 16-29 seconds to be good, 30-50 seconds very good, and 50 seconds and above exceptional. Finally, we like to measure interactions per active viewer as a gauge of success in a campaign. Since there is no industry norm for interactions, based on our research we have determined a scale. Zero to 1 interactions is fair, 1-2 interactions is good, 2-4 is very good, and 4 and above is exceptional.

How can I contact support?

If you would like to contact us, please fill out our contact form with your information and we will be in touch.