April 23, 2021


Learn more about NTWRK, a mobile app combining the capabilities of live stream and shoppable video
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NTWRK is redefining shoppable video.

As NTWRK explains on their website, they are a “mobile-first video shopping platform that seamlessly blends entertainment and commerce.” But what does that really mean? We’re reviewing their capabilities and summarizing the platform for you here:

  • NTWRK specializes in live streaming shoppable content, rebranding the Home Shopping Network for millennials in the streetwear and sneaker head community.
  • The exclusivity and demand of these products has helped to generate media attention from both buyers and sellers alike.
  • All products on NTWRK are showcased by a feature from an artist, designer or influencer who aligns with the product or brand. They currently stream two shows each day but hope to increase to around 10 in the future.
  • NTWRK has been praised for its ability to create a strong technical platform while also staying in tune with the market that they are targeting, specifically the niche streetwear culture. 
  • In addition to shopabble live streamed segments, NTWRK also hosts virtual festivals with live performances and interactive panels. You can even enter to win raffles of collectibles, art, and sneakers.

Be sure to check out NTWRK's upcoming live stream event, SURFACE: A Two Day Luxury Design Fair, on April 25th and 26th. Get an idea of what to expect by taking a look at a sneak peek of NTWRK's Off Court virtual festival-a celebration of basketball culture and streetwear curated by YouTube creator Harrison Nevel.

Finally, the most important part of our review- a rating. We love how NTWRK is able to strongly target a niche market through their targeted live streams for streetwear, rare art and collaborations. However, we can't see the wide, overarching applications of NTWRK for companies looking to reach a larger, less specific audience. For that, we give them a 6/10. We're looking forward to seeing how they can expand and improve upon their feature set in the future.

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