June 1, 2021

Carted, The Universal Commerce API

Carted aims to create universal commerce through the use of the Carted API

The vision for Carted is to turn all content creators into merchants, all content platforms into marketplaces and all content consumption into a potential revenue-bearing ecommerce transaction.

While that might be a bold vision, Carted has just secured the $13 million in seed funding it needs to make it happen. Among the investors in Carted, an Australian tech startup touting the creation of ‘universal commerce’, were Blackbird Ventures, Tidal Ventures, Streamlined Ventures, Lightspeed Ventures and Grok Ventures.

Holly Cardew and Mike Angell of Carted

Founded by Holly Cardew and Mike Angell, Carted is a great advancement in the world of shoppable. Through the use of a ‘universal commerce API,’ Carted aims to build the foundation for a checkout anywhere. Similar to NBCUniversal Checkout, Carted hopes to simplify the checkout process across platforms thereby overcoming the complexity of a ‘convoluted maze of redirected links or incomplete product catalogues.’ Carted’s ‘zero touch’ integrations will ease the checkout process for consumers while also improving conversion for the platforms. 

With Carted, any existing online content has the potential to become shoppable. The experiences and platforms that users already know, love, and trust can turn into a checkout experience instantly through the application of the Carted API. In this demo posted by Mike Angell, Carted turns a YouTube try on haul by Shani Grimmond into a one stop shop for viewing and purchasing. While Carted can be used for many applications, influencer marketing and content creation have a lot to gain. 

Carted is currently in Beta mode but you can apply for access on their website at

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