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Best Practices
Should my interactive video pause on interaction?

It depends on the interaction. If the interaction will open a full screen overlay or inhibit the viewer from interacting with other hotspots or content, the video should pause in order to ensure high engagement rates. However, if the interaction does not open full screen and allows the viewer to enjoy the interactive experience while being able to engage, the video does not need to pause.

How does autoplay work with my shoppable video?

Autoplay policy has recently changed. Due to these policy changes, your interactive video cannot autoplay with sound on. We recommend having an enticing interaction within the first 10 seconds of your shoppable experience, so that the viewer interacts with the video to turn the sound on.

Should I create a choose your own adventure experience?

Choose your own adventure or branching experiences are a great option for shoppable content. By giving the viewer the opportunity to choose their own path, they get to learn more about the content and products that they are passionate about and interested in. Additionally, insights gained from viewers' choices can be an invaluable source of data.

How can I integrate shoppable video and my add-to-cart function?

NBCUniversal Checkout is a great example of a seamless integration of an add to cart functionality within a shoppable video. We've seen some advancements for add to cart from WIREWAX using their iFrame API. This allows for viewers to interact with an add to cart hotspot or button in a shoppable video and have their cart seamlessly updated. Check out an example of this integration with Shopify here.

Can I distribute my shoppable video as an ad?

Shoppable videos can be distributed as ads in a few different ways. Some interactive video companies such as WIREWAX allow for shoppable interactive content to be distributed as ads on platforms such as Instagram and Facebook. Additionally, interactive shoppable content can be distributed via VPAID, Video Player Ad Interface. Learn more about VPAID here.

Does shoppable video only work for retail and fashion?

Shoppable video can be used for any vertical. We have seen great examples in retail and fashion but also in auto, food, and technology.

How can I gauge the success of my interactive campaign?

We gauge the success of a campaign in a few different ways. The industry norm (source: Google Benchmarks) for the percentage of viewers who interacted is 1.53%. We consider 0%-1% of viewers who interacted to be fair, 2%-16% to be good, 17%-46% to be very good and 50% and above to be exceptional. We call the time spent engaging in a product or overlay within a video the 'dwell time.' The industry norm, according to IAB, is 14.8 seconds. We consider 5-15 seconds fair, 16-29 seconds to be good, 30-50 seconds very good, and 50 seconds and above exceptional. Finally, we like to measure interactions per active viewer as a gauge of success in a campaign. Since there is no industry norm for interactions, based on our research we have determined a scale. Zero to 1 interactions is fair, 1-2 interactions is good, 2-4 is very good, and 4 and above is exceptional.

How can I contact support?

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